ABC, NBC & CBS News Special Report Opens

Shown here are the special report opens and countdowns for ABC News, NBC News (including what the affiliate sees before hand), and the open for CBS News.

For some reason whenever there is a special report on ABC my local station WMAR always has a issue causing the video and audio to have issues a few seconds in. It’s likely something going on in the air chain.

The second clip is from an NBC News/MSNBC simulcast, recorded directly from MSNBC showing the full five second countdown.

The third clip is from the late Senator John McCain’s funeral at the US Capitol. NBC inadvertently played out the open and my local affiliate WBAL cut to the feed early, then it stayed on the feed showing the slate announcing to affiliates what was coming up. When its time for the special report the slate and the #5 end up flashing for five seconds before the typical 5,4,3,2,1 countdown appears.

The fourth clip is from CBS News, unfortunately I was not able to get a countdown.

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